I have to be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about making the time change permanent.  Actually, I think lawmakers should move us to Central Time like Indiana but that issue can wait for another time; so to speak.  However, that does bring up an interesting point.  Considering our geography, we're on the Western edge of the Eastern time zone so why not just keep us at Eastern Daylight Time and forget about savings time.  Do we really need it to be light out at 10:30pm in June and July?

No matter what you think, a lawmaker in Lansing have proposed a bill to make DST permanent.  According to an article on bigrapidsdailynews.com, State Rep Hoitenga says the time change has been a nuisance to workers and students across the state for decades and the practice is antiquated and impractical.  I agree with the antiquated part because it was designed to add daylight for farmers and became popular for folks who just liked a longer day; especially in the summer.  I say pick a time and stay with it.  We don't need to change anymore.


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