Want to enjoy the sunny weather with a bike ride but, don't own a bike? Of course, there's an app for that.

In the Facebook group, Modeshift Kalamazoo General Discussion Group, a member by the name of Wilson Shaofei Xi shared a post that caught my attention. The post, in part, said,

Nice lady from Georgia came to town and rented my bike on spinlister, so cool. She had breakfast at Sarkozy's and went on to visit Nature Center before flying back home.

But, what is Spinlister?

About the App

Spinlister allows people to list their bicycles as available to rent. We've seen similar apps in the past where homeowners could list their pools to rent by the hour and one that lets you rent out your yard by the hour.

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As well, those who are visiting a new area for a short time can then rent those bikes as a way of exploring the town.

Prices vary, like with any other rental app. Between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, for example, there are at least 8 bike rentals available (as I write this) with prices ranging from $10 to $30 per day.

Additionally, you can rent a bike by the hour and by the week.

It sure beats the $55 to $100 a day charge to rent a car. If you're up for it physically (maybe you just want to relax on your vacation) and if you feel the place you're visiting is bike-friendly.

Yes, there is a website that determines how "bikeable" a city is. Kalamazoo, for example, scored 40 out of 100. Learn more on peopleforbikes.org.

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