The later winter and early spring is a dangerous time on Michigan waterways.

Growing up in the Great Lake state many of us take a frozen pond, lake or river for granted and we shouldn't.

Each year people lose their lives to weak ice and a horrible event like that can be avoided.

State Fire Marshal Kevin Sehlmeyer in a written statement to the Detroit Free Press...

“Thawing ice conditions on Michigan’s lakes, rivers and ponds are dangerous and will become unpredictable as temperatures rise. Late winter ice many times leads to dangerous situations that could end in tragedy.”

Warning Signs That Ice May Be Weak...

  • Slushy ice
  • Any ice with water on it
  • Snow covered ice
  • Milky looking ice

What To Do If The Ice Breaks Below You And You Fall In...

  • Take that first minute in the water to slow your breathing.
  • Determine where the ice is the thickest.
  • Turn and face the way you came from.
  • Stretch your arms atop the ice surface.
  • Flutter-kick your feet until your body is horizontal.
  • Kick harder, while using your hands and arms to pull yourself onto the ice.
  • Roll away from the hole, then crawl until you can safely stand.

If you see anyone in trouble on the ice please call 911 immediately!


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