Better Made is recalling their 10-ounce Original Potato Chips for an undeclared allergen concern. The recalled 10-ounce Original Potato Chip bags were shipped out nationwide in retail stores and through mail orders, according to Local 4. As a preventative measure, Better Made Snack Foods, which hails from Detroit, has recalled 10-ounce packages of Original Potato Chips because they may contain undeclared milk. People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to milk may run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume these products.

If you believe that you may have tainted bags, you can check the top right corner with the following information:
Lot # 62090431442 thru Lot # 62090431520
Lot # 85100431442 thru Lot # 85100431520
Use by date of 10 AUG 2019
Also, the recalled bags will also have a UPC code of 041633063048

The recall was initiated after it was discovered that a package of 10-ounce Original Potato Chips dated 10 AUG 2019 did not contain Original Potato Chips but instead contained Cheddar and Sour Cream Potato Chips which contain milk. Subsequent investigation indicates the problem was caused by a temporary breakdown in the company's production and packaging processes which may have affected 660 bags of 10-ounce Original Potato Chips.

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