Over 70 million units of candy have been recalled due to choking hazards.  Here's what you need to know.

You've likely seen the crazy packaging that says "Toxic Waste Slime Licker" if you've shopped for candy recently.  This candy isn't getting pulled from store shelves due to the pretend toxic waste.  It's due to a choking hazard.

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According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the products in this recall, Slime Licker Sour Rolling Liquid Candy is distributed locally by Candy Dynamics Inc. out of Carmel, Indiana, and can be found at the following stores:

  • Walmart
  • Five Below
  • Amazon.com
  • CandyDynamics.com

If you purchased Slime Licker Sour Rolling Liquid Candy from one of the businesses listed above between the dates of June 2015 through July 2023, here is what the CPSC encourages you to do,

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled Slime Licker Sour Rolling Liquid Candy, take it away from children, and contact Candy Dynamics for a full refund of product that is not empty of liquid candy. Consumers should contact Candy Dynamics to receive free shipping to return their non-empty product.

Below you'll find the UPCs for the recalled items:

  • 8-98940-00101-6
  • 8-98940-00191-7
  • 8-98940-00169-6
  • 8-50034-59720-1
  • 0-60631-91829-7

A similar candy was also recalled following the accidental choking death of a 7-year-old girl.  Cocco Candy Rolling Candy is found mostly on the East Coast but it can be purchased online.  Find more info on that national candy recall by clicking here.

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