River tubing looks like so much fun. Crazy enough, it's something I, even as a lifelong Floridian, never experienced. Yes, Michiganders often scoff at me when I make this confession.

Mainly because we have so many options for tubing in the mitten state.

If you're planning a tubing trip in Michigan when the weather (and water) gets a little warmer, here are at least 10 river tubing options you can check out:

The 10 Best Tubing Rivers in Michigan

Hop in a tube and take a dip in these 10 rivers great for tubing in Michigan

You can find even more options at onlyinyourstate.com, mymichiganbeach.com, and moneyinc.com.

Relaxing in a tube while you're floating down the river is an ideal part of living in Michigan during the summer months. Unfortunately, summer also comes with its share of pests. Like, ticks. Ugh:

The 5 Most Common Ticks You'll See in Michigan & Diseases They Carry

Tick season is here once again. Here are the most common ticks in Michigan you should be on the lookout for.

Listen Up! 10 Birds You're Hearing in Spring in Michigan

Michigan has a ton of birds living in the state. Here are at least 10 that you might be hearing during Michigan's Spring.

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