"Mommy, please make it stop!" I am old enough to know better, but then again, I AM old enough to know better. Every election year, I feel this way, but this year I feel it so much more. I hate all the politicians and quite honestly I hope they all lose.

The reason we have nothing but negative political ads is because they work. That's what the experts say. It must work. Have you heard even one positive ad. Maybe one or two, but even then listen and half of those masquerade as positive, but there's a backhanded slap at the opponent somewhere inside that ad.

I am going to vote. Because too many selfless heroes sacrificed their lives so I could. But after I vote, I am going to take a shower. Because it's all slime. Out of 200,000,000 Americans, this is the best we can do? National. Local.  It does not matter. It just does not matter. It's like they all made deals with the Devil.

That's where I was going to stop my rant. But, see, I have a brain, unlike what political consultants think any of us do. And I thought to myself "I know know a few politicians. They're decent humans". So my anger is misplaced. You know who I hate. I hate some of the politicians, yes. But I hate the political consultants and handlers who are responsible for shaping us to hate, hate, hate. All these political ads are their fault. Enough.

How sad is it that I long for fictional character to lead us. Josiah Bartlett. You, too?

(Vote Your Future via YouTube)