A small Battle Creek business gifted over $35,000 in scrubs to over 800 frontline health care workers.

A local apparel company went above and beyond by gifting over 800 frontline workers with the gift of free scrubs over the holiday season. Battle Creek-based The Right Scrubs and Professional Apparel Company told the Grand Rapids Business Journal that it gave away more than $35,000 worth of scrubs to over 800 frontline health care workers at a drive-thru giveaway.

The small business wanted to do something that would have a bigger impact on the community than its annual year-end sale it has done in past years. The plan was to give five pairs of scrubs to each health care worker who stopped at its Battle Creek store for the week of December 3rd through the 10th. All those wishing to collect on the good dead needed to do was show their employee identification badge.

While the company expected a few hundred health care professionals would take them up on the offer, they were blown away by the demand. Over 800 medical health care workers showed up. Lines of vehicles backed up in the store's parking lot the entire week.

Sharon VanVranken, owner and CEO of The Right Scrubs and Professional Apparel Company told the Grand Rapids Business Journal this of the event and turnout:

We received so many appreciative people telling us stories about what they’ve had to endure during this pandemic. Many of them went on to explain how crazy things have been, how tight their budgets were and how getting the free scrubs meant so much to them. As a local small business, it was great being able to impact the surrounding community in such a big way. Especially for those who are putting their own lives on the line for our health and safety every day.

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