Over the past few years, I've seen some pretty sweet cop cars. Police are trying to stay ahead of the curb in terms of style when it comes to their cruisers, so much so that sometimes I can barely tell the car they're driving even is a cop car. The Police Department in Bath Township, Michigan has just changed the game in terms of coolness, however.

Yesterday on their Facebook, the department posted a picture of the new skin for their cruiser and commented on how they're trying to stay in touch with the youth:

So as some of you may have noticed, our page has been pretty helpful in connecting us with our community. We've found though, that we are still struggling to really reach the younger folk out there. So in an effort to bridge that gap, we've decided to update our patrol car graphics in an attempt to be more relatable to the local youths.

This may be the first time the words "Po Po" have or will ever be on a police vehicle. This didn't stop the National Sheriff's Association from cracking a joke on their post either:



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