Now if you purchase anything online, there is a safer way to make the deal.

How many times have we heard this story reported on Click on Detroit...

Just last week a woman posting on “Detroit Buy & Sell” on Facebook reported that when she showed up to buy something from someone else she found on the page, she says the man meeting her got out and robbed her at gunpoint.

Now that will be a thing of the past thanks to some Michigan Police departments.

  • Warren Police
  • Troy Police
  • Sterling Heights Police
  • Ferndale Police
  • Shelby Township Police

The police stations listed above have created  "E-Commerce Exchange Zones', and some have gone as far as reserving two parking spots in front of the station for the buying and selling to take place.

In the past, Detroit Police have told Click on Detroit...

"That it’s a good practice to come to a precinct for these transactions, however they haven’t reserved parking spots for them."

An even better idea is to come into the Police station and make the transaction in the lobby. Over all it is safer for everyone involved and nothing that you purchase on line is worth the chance of you being hurt.

Police also stated...

"If the person you’re dealing with objects to meeting you at a police department, that could be a dangerous deal to begin with."

Many Police stations may allow you to buy, trade or sell in their lobby for your safety, just call first.

Shop well, have fun and most importantly, stay safe!



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