It's the list we didn't know we needed.

Wealth of Geeks, a popular lifestyle website that is known for its listicle and rankings, polled 3,000 Americans recently to get to the bottom of a burning issue that's on the top of everyone's mind:

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Which state has the sexiest police uniform in America?

No? You weren't already wondering that? Well, you are now!

Courtesy of the Michigan State Police
Courtesy of the Michigan State Police

I'm a good girl so I can barely even recall what police are wearing in my own state, let alone 49 others! However, since the information is out there I would be remiss if I didn't pass along this information to my fellow blue collar, hard-working, tax paying Americans.

When it comes to the Midwest in particular, here's where your state ranks on the list of sexiest police uniforms in the country:

Indiana State Police

The only midwestern state to crack the top 10, Wealth of Geeks describes the #10 Hoosier style as "Heartland Haute Couture" adding,

this uniform combines tradition with modernity, symbolizing Indiana's blend of heartland values and contemporary design.

Ohio State Highway Patrol

With their graphite gray hats and black-striped trousers the Buckeye state holds the #13 spot with their uniforms which,

epitomizes a seamless blend of distinction and functionality. This careful balance of colors and design elements in the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s uniform conveys a message of reliability and service, designed to inspire confidence

Michigan State Police

Ask any Michigan State Trooper and they'll tell you their uniforms should top the list as compared to their showing at #17. Of their Lake Superior-blue colored garb Wealth of Geeks writes,

The trousers are both a practical yet stylish navy. The ensemble is brought together with the campaign hat - the pièce de résistance - tilted with the flair of a Motown legend.

Illinois State Police

Coming in just behind Michigan in the #18 spot are the Illinois State Police uniforms which honestly in my opinion look more like what a park ranger would wear.  However, the tall "Montana Peak" campaign hat really completes the ensemble.

Check out the complete ranking of police uniforms below:

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