If you haven't heard the news, along with everything else that's going out of business, or soon will be (I'm looking at you, Sears) comes news that former Blackhawks and Red Wings Hall of Famer Chris Chelios is closing Cheli's Chili Bar, in Detroit. Yes, the one across the street from Comerica Park and Ford Field.

Cheli's was the must stop place ahead of going to a ballgame in the summer; Never had a bad time there.

I have to tell you, we never ate inside. It was always on the patio outside. And always ahead of going to a ballgame at Comerica Park. But the thing that always stood out is Chelios never gouged you on price. A can of Oberon was $5.00. That's what you would pay if you went to Bell's in Kalamazoo. Now, inside the ballpark, that's a different story. That same can of Oberon or Two-Hearted is $10 or $10.50.

Having a burger and beer at Cheli's in Detroit. (Dave Benson, TSM)
Having a burger and beer at Cheli's in Detroit. (Dave Benson, TSM)

Now, we're basic people. We didn't need to sit inside to eat. On a beautiful summer day or night, a burger off the grill was just perfect. And again, the price was right. I think the burgers and dogs this summer were something like $3 or $4 dollars. And the DJ playing music always played at great mix, too. (and that was free)

Chelios resigned from the Red Wings earlier this year to move back to Chicago, to be closer to his aging, widowed mother. But the Detroit News reports he may be opening a new place in Chicago.

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