Battle Creek knows how to bang their heads. Since 2017, the town has been home to Michigan Metal Fest, bringing some of the biggest names in Metal music to an otherwise pretty quiet town (in comparison at least). Sadly, though, 2020 took away the 4th annual event, and additional issues in 2021 forced the festival to take another year off.

BUT, it's 2022, and this time, Michigan Metal Fest is happening... This weekend, actually.

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It's been three years since Metal Bands have rattled the Leila Arboretum, so there's certainly some dust to shake off. And this year's lineup features some MASSIVE heavy hitters in the scene.


A legendary Metalcore band out of Atlanta, Attila has been touring and promoting themselves heavily since 2010. Their album "About That Life" debuted on the Billboard 200 chart in 2013 at No. 22, and continues to punish the road with bands like Hed P.E., ICP, Oceano, and Falling in Reverse.

They have a new record, "Closure" that came out in March of 2021, and are pushing their second single off the album, "Metalcore Manson."

Attila will be headlining the festival on Saturday night at 10:30.


Another big hitter in the Metal scene, Oceano are a deathcore band out of Illinois, currently signed with Sumerian Records. Despite not having any of its original members anymore, they still bring the heavy to all of their shows.

They released their latest album, "Revelation" in 2017 - their first on Sumerian's label - and will play before Attila at 9:15 Saturday night.


One of the strangest, but most looked-forward-to bands of the lineup has GOT to be Green Jelly! Based out of New York AND California, the comedy rock and metal band is known for their strange music videos and music styles.

Some might recognize them mostly from their 1992 song "Three Little Pigs."

They released their fifth album, "Garbage Band Kids," in 2021, and will play before Oceano at 8:15.


Opening up the main event at 7:30 Saturday night, Tallah are a numetal band that hails from Pennsylvania, and feature founding member and drummer Max Portnoy, who is the son of legendary drummer Mike Portnoy.

They band is only as old as Michigan Metal Fest itself, formed in 2017, and have released two albums. Their latest is "The Generation of Danger," which was released in March of this year.

Check the Michigan Metal Fest website and facebook page for the full lineup and schedule for this Saturday.

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