I've seen some pretty interesting cars in the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek area. The banana car was by far the oddest thing I've discovered by myself. But now I think I may have found something even stranger. The Facebook page, Battle Creek Memes recently put up a picture of what appears to be a limousine delivering a pizza, siting the Happy's Pizza hood magnet on the trunk of the car:

As it turns out it may not be doctored or a joke since a few people on the message thread confirmed it validity:

Now don't get me wrong, I love Happy's Pizza, but isn't there anyone else who thinks this guy needs to open his own place called, "Prom Pizza" or "Limo Pizza Service?" It seems to me that the guy would make bank if he properly marketed himself. Anyway, if you see the limo pizza delivery guy, just hand toss him my idea.


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