Seems like this phrase gets overused at this time of year, but the swallows do comeback to Capistrano, pitchers and catchers are reporting this week, and now, McDonald's has brought back the, beloved by many, Shamrock Shake.

The news is all over social media, with many fans posting selfies of themselves slurping in the creamy green goodness.

McDonald's is directing its app users to use the Shamrock shake finder, but (SPOILER ALERT) It appears virtually every local McDonald's is a participating location, unlike the more polarizing McRib sandwich, which bypassed the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek area last year.

The minty green shake has evolved into a McDonald's icon since the fast-food chain first debuted the beverage in 1970. The Shamrock Shake is only available for a limited amount of time each year, typically from late February to March, as a celebratory St. Patrick's Day treat. - Business Insider

The shamrock shake will be available until March 24th.

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