I recently spent time visiting Lansing, something I haven't done in years since moving away from Michigan in 2014. I've noticed a lot has changed! For example, there are some trendy new restaurants and arcade bars. However, a lot has stayed the same like the eccentric Preuss Pets store on Cedar Street and the horrendous road conditions.

One thing I don't remember being prevalent in Lansing is all the animal statues located on the rooftops of various businesses across town. Yes, you read that correctly. I never thought I would have to ask: Why does Lansing have so many animal statues on their rooftops?

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Now, when I say "so many" it's really only two statues that I've seen across town but still-- isn't that two too many?

Gas Station Giraffe

Mark Frankhouse/ TSM
Mark Frankhouse/ TSM

It all started with the giraffe statue that is located on top of the Meijer gas station on W. Saginaw Highway. What was originally part of a children's play area inside the store became a joke when the contractor installed it on top of the Meijer gas station where it remains to this day and is a running bit among locals.

Green Dot Stables

Lauren G/TSM
Lauren G/TSM

This one was new to me. After grabbing brunch at a nearby restaurant my eyes couldn't help but be drawn to the ginormous golden horse that sits atop the Green Dot Stables on Clippert Street. The popular Detroit slider bar known for its "mystery meat" opened its Lansing location in 2017. In addition to a gigantic bar and hand-painted floor murals, there is a giant golden horse that sits on the rooftop. Apparently the Detroit location has a horse on its rooftop too. Some visitors (like myself) may wonder, "Why?" but I'm sure Lansing locals would respond, "Why not?"

Before I go back to visit Lansing again please tell me, are there any other animal statues on rooftops I need to know about?

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