Height and gravity is not standing in the way of this guy visiting his mom quarantined at a nursing home on the third floor.

Many of us have parents and grand parents on lock down in assisted living facilities around the nation.  The only way we can visit them is from outside their bedroom windows.  That could have been a problem for Charley Adams but he is a problem solver according to Good Morning America,

On March 22, Charley Adams, 45, decided to take his company bucket truck to visit his 80-year-old mother, Julia Adams, who lives on the third floor of a nursing home in New Middletown, Ohio.

Charley says his mom has been calling him constantly wanting to go out to lunch or dinner.  Clearly, that's not possible.  She's not even allowed visitors much less able to leave the facility.  Then she sees her song at her third floor window.

I so wish there was video footage of this moment.  There is however, a picture that you can see by clicking here.


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