All those ads we've been bombarded with since, well, it's seems like forever, but it's probably around the beginning of the year; all those ads are working. Michigan has become first state in the nation to surpass its 2010 response rate on the 2020 Census. But that's not all. Our response rate is 67.8% (Michiganders responding to the 2020 Census to date), and that puts us Michiganders into a tie for third place in the nation. A round of Vernor's for everyone, and some salt and vinegar potato chips, too.

Kerry Ebersole Singh, Michigan's 2020 Census executive director made a veteran move when she managed to both praise us who have already submitted our census forms, and also got a plug in to get more folks to respond. "We are incredibly proud of this milestone and recognize it is a reflection of the community and nonprofit partnership that has made the 2020 Census such as success in the Great Lakes State. With federal funding for health programs, schools, senior programs and more on the line, there is no time to rest. We will continue working to meet our goal of a complete and accurate count to ensure Michigan receives the funding we deserve for these critical programs and services we rely on every day.”

Like the ads say, the census is only nine questions, and some of those questions are gimmes, like your name and your phone number, though, my standard answer is I don't know my number, as I never call myself.

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