Many Michigan residents have been looking forward to the warmer summer temperatures in Michigan and they are finally here. And that means being outside more and heading out for summertime road trips. But officials are warning residents to steer clear of stopping at gas stations to refuel in Michigan for some very concerning reasons.


Officials Warn Drivers To Avoid MI Gas Stations During Heatwave

Summer temperatures have created a heatwave across the nation and several states, including Michigan, have been under heat advisories and warnings. Another warning is now in place for Michigan residents due to the harm caused by the excessive heat. And officials have instructions for residents to avoid certain activities including drivers being warned not to fill up their vehicles at gas stations.

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The early-summer heat wave has prompted air quality alerts from The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. According to the EPA, ground-level ozone is a harmful air pollutant formed when pollutants from vehicles and other sources react with sunlight. And those alerts have recently been in place for Michigan communities.

Ground-level ozone irritates the respiratory system, reduces lung function, and aggravates asthma and bronchitis. It can cause coughing, throat irritation, chest pain, and shortness of breath. During air quality alerts, State officials urge residents to protect themselves and their communities:

"People and businesses are urged to avoid activities which can lead to ozone formation. These activities include: refueling vehicles or topping off when refueling; using gasoline-powered lawn equipment; using charcoal lighter fluid."

Michigan residents can see if their community is under air quality advisories or alerts issued through AirNow.

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