AAA has announced that this year, roughly 3.5 million Michiganders are gonna be traveling for the holidays. On a national scale over 107 million are projected to be traveling, the largest number to date.

We all know how backed up our highways can get in Michigan. So if you're planning on leaving today, AAA suggests that you wait a little bit. AAA Michigan says that today between 3 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. will be the worst time for drivers to travel in metro Detroit over the Christmas break.

With holiday time off, normally people leave work early and the highways can become congested. It's usually the 20th and the 21st which are the worst days. According to AAA, holiday travel times could triple in length.

The best time to hit the road is usually early in the morning or after the morning drive dies down. That will make for less traffic. Driving on the day of the holiday is also a good bet to get to your destination quickly because most people are already at their destination by then. I hope you all have safe travels wherever your holiday is taking you.


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