A study just came out putting Ohio among the worst traffic states in America.

Getting stuck in traffic is not my jam.  The wasted gas and the wasted time can be so frustrating.  I personally, have traveled all over the United States and have enjoyed the zero traffic on I-94 in Montana as well as being stuck on the 110 for hours near Los Angeles, California.  So, when people complain about Michigan traffic, I have to laugh.  However, Michigan's neighbor to the South has popped up on this report as being one of the most congested states in the nation.  Here's how InsiderMonkey.com came up with their results,

For our methodology, we have ranked the most congested states in the US based on vehicles per mile. For the accuracy of data, we relied on Title Max. 

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InsiderMonkey.com recently released a report detailing the 20 most congested states in the country.  Ohio landed at #15 on that report averaging 85.07 vehicles per mile.  The Buckeye State just barely missed the #14 spot by a small fraction of a car per mile.  It's no surprise that the main culprits are Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, and Toledo.

Another nearby state made this list.  Illinois landed at #18 with 71.31 vehicles per mile.  Side note: how are California and New York not in the top 5?  That may be the most bonkers part of this report.

5 Most Congest States in America

  • #5 Rhode Island
    Vehicles Per Mile: 134.48
  • #4 Delaware
    Vehicles Per Mile: 149.47
  • #3 New Jersey
    Vehicles Per Mile: 176.07
  • #2 District of Columbia
    Vehicles Per Mile: 222.44
  • #1 Hawaii
    Vehicles Per Mile: 313.87

Where do you get stuck in traffic the most?


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