WARNING: When you search your name on this website you're going to be very angry.

If you go to FamilyTreeNow.com and search your name you will be shocked to find a lot of up to date personal information which includes your family members and significant others.  This can be accessed at no cost.  How is this legal?

Within 2 minutes I was able to find the current home address, past addresses as well as locations of family members of anyone I searched for.  In fact, I could click one button and see a picture of their houses and get directions to them.

Here's the good news...you can delete your personal info from this site.  Here's the bad news...it will take up to 48 hours to complete.

If you've found your information on this site I encourage you to follow the directions below and please share this article with your friends and family members.

9 Quick Steps To Remove Your Personal Information From This Website

Step 1.  Go to FamilyTreeNow.com by clicking here.

Step 2.  Search your name.

Step 3.  Click "View Details" on the record that best matches you.

Step 4.  Click "Privacy" at the very bottom of the webpage.

Step 5.  Under the heading "Opt Out of Living People Records" click "Opt Out Here."

Step 6.  Click "I'm Not a Robot" then "Begin Opt Out Procedure."

Step 7.  Search your name again.

Step 8.  Click "View Details" on the profile that best matches you.

Step 9.  Click "Opt Out This Record."  You'll find that in red at the top of the page.

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