The suspect also left behind a peculiar poem after allegedly stealing $800 from an unlocked vehicle.

The suspect of this strange crime is a former employee of the Birmingham Country Club according to The Oakland Press,

Bloomfield Township police were called to the country club, located at 1750 Saxon Drive in Bloomfield Township, where the victim said someone entered his vehicle on Aug. 10 and stole the cash. Along with a tub of avocado butter, a note was left in the vehicle that read: “A voice (Butter) crying in the wind edible waffle toast muffin Thank you.”

Apparently, the strange note may be what gets this thief caught.  The general manager of the country club says that after firing one specific person earlier this year, he sent another employee a post card with a similar poem on it.

My first question is, why would you use that terrible poem more than once?  I'm no Robert Frost or Emily Dickinson.  But that butter poem is just weird.  My second question is, where can I get a tub of avocado butter?  That sounds delicious.

The Bloomfield Township Police are currently investigating this case and ask anyone with info on this buttery wordsmith to contact them at 248-433-7755.

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