Just a few weeks ago, everyone was rushing to the building next to Smoothie King on Westnedge Avenue in Kalamazoo/Portage. They were all clamoring to get their hands on what they thought would be the last of this business product. Peace, Love, and Little Donuts had announced that they were closing their doors forever and customers should stop in to buy the last as parting gifts.

Donut fans, we have something to cheer for. Those little donuts that are made with love and meant to spread peace are coming back to their same location on Westnedge Avenue. After receiving a message from management, It's official, after being sold to new ownership, the grand reopening of Peace, Love, and Little Donuts will be May 7th, 2022 and their hours of operation will be the same.

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All of those delicious donut flavors will love will most likely be returning. Obviously, many of us have questions like: Who are the new owners? Will they serve the same flavors of donuts? and the most dire question of them all, What will I do if they stop making my favorite donut? Looking at the fact that there's new ownership means we should expect some changes, but just not sure where those changes will occur.

I would assume that they would keep the same format of Groovy, Far Out, and Funkadellic donuts for customers to devour. The names are set to the fit the hippie vibes with Groovy donuts being the "basic" donuts, Far Out donuts adding a little flare, and Funkadellic donuts having all the fix ins. I will be in life on reopening day, hoping to get my hands on an Oreo or Strawberry shortcake donut before they're all gone.

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