Dave Grohl uses his BBQ talents to assist California Fire Fighters.

On Monday, Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl stopped by Fire Station 68 in Calabases CA. to serve some local heroes some of his home made BBQ.

We have all heard the stories of firefighters struggling to get control of the wind-fueled Southern California wildfire, which stretches from north of Los Angeles to the Pacific Ocean. The fight must be exhausting and Rock Star Dave Grohl took his passion for grilling to help the fire fighters during this terrible time.

According to CBS Denver news Dave's publicist did not have any details but it is known that Grohl posted an image on Instagram telling firefighters to “Dig in!”

It seems that Dave Grohl has a flair for grilling, in fact I have had the pleasure of enjoying some of his fare. Back in October, a few friends of mine where invited to a Pre-Cal Jam BBQ Of course we accepted the invitation, but had no idea what we were in for. Upon arrival of the bash (at a private home in LA), we were awe struck to not only see Dave Grohl working the grill, but serving up food to us. Unfortunately, I was too busy trying not to 'fan girl', to notice the taste of the pork, but I am sure it was delicious!

Over the past few days we have seen so many people step up to help others during this tragic time in California. Lets all be rock stars and support California in any way we can.

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