I lost my car, but not my life.

On Valentine's Day, my girlfriend Suzannah and I were on our way to Indianapolis to watch my son Zach's basketball game. We hit white-out conditions about 40 minutes north of Indianapolis on I-96.

The next thing you know, there is a smash — a semi, school bus and cars piled up in front of us.

I was able to gently slow down and bring my car to the far left side of the road and avoid a major collision. Then, immediately, car after car hit us — and the cars kept piling up behind us.

My car's airbags deployed after the first car hit us from behind.  It was very scary.  And if Brian Williams said he was in the Nissan Cube that took on nine impacts…he's lying again.

Check out the video footage below, along with photos of the wreckage:

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