If you didn't grow up in Michigan, there are things you learn very quickly after moving here.If you listen to the Morning Mayhem, you know I moved here from Ohio.  I've lived in New Jersey as well so, I understand that there are different traditions, cultures and stereotypes in each place.  Onlyinyourstate.com came up with a list of 13 but here are things I quickly learned after moving here that makes Michigan so easy to love.

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    Yellow Light Left Turns

    I quickly had to adjust to the confusing (at first) yellow blinking left turn arrows.  Their purpose is to make turning less dangerous.

    "Very simple - cars turning left that have a yellow signal of any kind do not have the right of way to turn until all incoming traffic is clear." - MDOT

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    I learned never to ask a Michigander the question, "What is Vernor's?" without complete and utter shock.  Now, I say, "Oh yeah!  The Original Ginger Soda!"  It works as a tasty drink mixer and helps settle an upset stomach, and it really works!

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    I learned that Michiganders who live in the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) are referred to as "Yoopers"

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    When I moved to New Jersey, I learned that very few people know how to play.  It was heartbreaking.  When I moved to Michigan, I learned it is a way of life.

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    Shorts in Winter

    It is totally normal to see people walking/running in shorts after a snow storm.

    Photo By: Win McNamee/Getty Images
    Photo By: Win McNamee/Getty Images