You have waited your whole life for Prom Night, why not think outside the box and make it incredibly special.

Prom will be one of the cherished memories from High School that you will keep forever. With that being said, why not make it even more incredible? Here are 5 things to do on prom night that are a tad out of the ordinary but are fun and make the night even more special.

Post Prom Night Walk: Why not take a few minutes alone with your date and stroll through Bronson Park and enjoy the spring evening.

An Old Fashion Ice Cream Shake: A time honored treat after a school function. Why not stop by Shake and Steak afterwards and recount the fabulous evening that just happened (I even bet they would give you two straws for one shake).

Bond With Your Prom Crew: After the dance head over to Airway Fun Center and play a round of Escapology.

Kick Off Your Shoes And Bowl: Grab your date and gang, then head over to Revel& Roll. You can unwind from the dance and have fun playing a game or two.

Ditch You Date: Grab your best friends and head back to the homestead for a movie marathon and time to talk about how cute your date was!

Ultimately, whatever you do on prom night I am sure it will be perfect! Just remember to have fun and be safe!


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