300 Union Plumbers volunteered to install water filters this weekend in Flint.  Which is great news.  Until you see how bad the lead problem really is.

I can't stress enough, how amazing it is that all of these plumbers with the United Association of Journeymen and Apprenetices have volunteered their time to install these donated water filters by Plumbing Manufacturers International.  Of course, free of charge to the Flint residence.

Unfortunately, this isn't a story with a happy ending for Flint.  The water filters can remove lead from a faucet, as long as the lead content is under 150 parts per billion.

According to usuncut.com, EPA test results are showing lead levels as high as 4,000 parts per billion.

For many homes, the filters are useless.

Here's a video of Russel Simmons delivering water to Flint homes.  He has a conversation with a Flint resident using the water filter that does not work due to the high levels.