Hidden away in the Detroit suburb of Royal Oak is the Second Street Sub Shop, a restaurant that reminds one TripAdvisor user of the long lost Galley in Kalamazoo.

The owner of 2nd Street was indeed inspired by the Galley:

I love this place. The owner told me he did base it on the much loved Galley Sub Shop in Kalamazoo. Nice crusty bread, good seasonings and good quality meats and cheeses make for a tasty sub and good vibrations from WMU.

Whole grain bread from a 100 year old Italian bakery in Dearborn, premium deli meats, vegetables from eastern market, homemade dressings, salads and deserts, and the face that i was on the site and noticed that subway was listed is an abomination that this tiny, old-school sub shop is not. Please look into it, it would be a disservice to your members to ignore this place!
The menu at 2nd Street includes three tiers of sandwiches, the Monsters, Signatures and Classics.
The Monster subs are headlined by the 2nd Street Special with Mortadella, Salami, Genoa, Ham, Pepperoni and two cheeses. The shop also makes their own sub dressing.
With the sub shop's logo of a battleship in crosshairs, you might just see a little nod to the much beloved Galley, too.

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