They love you unconditionally and today is the day to celebrate your cat

Many of us don't treat our cats as well as Taylor Swift pampers her her cats. Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson, who share their singing parent’s jet-set lifestyle, travel in custom-made carriers and appear in Diet Coke ads with the pop star. listed 12 ways to spoil your cat on their special day if you don't have Taylor Swift money...

  1. Prepare some healthy cat treats made with ingredients like tuna, salmon, catnip, chicken, or cheddar.
  2. Commission a local artist to paint a portrait from a beloved photo of your kitty and hang it in your home or office.
  3. You might also consider having the portrait painted or imprinted on a pillow or T-shirt. (personally as an animal honor, I would NOT recommend this idea).
  4. Buy a new cat toy.
  5. Make your feline the king of the castle with the My Kitty Darling Castle, a cat condo that features hanging toys, platforms to explore, and holes for hiding.
  6. Cats love hanging out by the window, where they can watch bugs and birds or soak up the sun. Provide them with a comfortable vantage point with a Kitty Cot cat perch.
  7. Put up some shelving so your kitty can hover overhead. Cats are naturally drawn to high places and will surely make this new spot a preferred place to nap.
  8. Treat your kitty to a spa-like experience. Brush her to remove loose fur and eliminate hairballs. If your cat is in the mood and will permit you to do so, spend some time massaging and petting, scratching behind the ears or stroking her body from its head to the tip of her tail.
  9. Hire a professional photographer for a photo shoot for your kitty.
  10. Because your cat loves napping, provide more places for him to curl up around the house. Set out pet beds in different spots since cats tend to find the most unusual places to slumber.
  11. If cats had their way, they’d prefer to be outdoors. Since they’re safer indoors, bring the outdoors in by creating a catio or a safe environment that incorporates elements of nature like kitty-safe plants, window views, and cat-friendly furniture.
  12. Don’t have a cat? Not ready to make a commitment? Consider donating blankets, food, and toys to animal welfare organizations or volunteer at your local shelter. The caged animals are hungry for human interaction and could use the extra love while they wait for their forever families.

If none of those idea appeal to you, I am will to bet that some one on one cuddle time would be a great gift for your kitty!

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