As a Kalamazoo native, I've spent lots of time trying to convince people that Kalamazoo is in fact, a real place.  Many people don't realize, there are far stranger city names in Michigan.


Here are the 10 Funniest Michigan City Names


#10 White Pigeon - If you grew up in Southwest Michigan, this is where you had the grueling summer job of detasseling corn.


#9 Vulcan - That's right Trekkies!  There is a Vulcan, MI in the UP right on the Wisconsin border.


#8 Dowagiac - If you grew up in a neighboring town you called this city "Dog Patch."  I still don't know why.  But I'm guilty of it.


#7 Colon - According to Wikipedia, "Colon was platted in 1844. It was incorporated as a village in 1904."  I think that means it's due for it's check up.


#6 Slapneck - If you're heading to Canada after the US Presidential election, you may pass through this city on your way through the U.P.


#5 Podunk -  Would you believe there are three Podunks in Michigan?  According to wikipedia Pure Michigan has the following:


#4 Jugville - If you want to see what's shakin' in Jugville, just hop on US131 North of Grand Rapids.


#3 Bad Axe - What can I say?  This city is Bad Axe.  You'll find this awesome city in our state's thumb.


#2 Hell - This one is self explanatory.


#1 Climax - This city is right between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek.  From what I hear some people can't find it.


Bonus Video:  How To Pronounce Michigan Cities - Tess Taylor 

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