Originally known as Bronson, after founder Titus Bronson, in the township of Arcadia, Kalamazoo has been a stand out city in Michigan ever since its inception back in 1836. Considered the halfway point between Chicago and Detroit, Kalamazoo is quickly being recognized as the Beer Capital of Michigan, especially by those who live here. Home of the first outdoor mall, Western Michigan University, dozens of Breweries, Pfizer, and the original Gibson Guitar factory, Kalamazoo has a rich history and a rich culture.

Home to some of the biggest events in Michigan like the classic Do-Dah Parade, Kalamazoo Pride Fest, Ribfest, Eccentric Day, Oberon Day, and the Holiday Parade, the community has always come together to show its solidarity and diversity. The city is well known for their sports, including the Kalamazoo Wings, Growlers, Western Michigan University Broncos, the old Kalamazoo Kings, and even the last world champions of the All American Girls Pro Baseball League, the Kalamazoo Lassies.

Kalamazoo continues to grow and develop and, as the city looks to make this a safer and more welcoming place to live in Southwest Michigan. Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo!

How Much Do You Know About Kalamazoo? Take This Quiz:
Can you recall what the first name of the city was, or what size the tornado of 1980 was? How educated are you with the sports teams and their history in Kalamazoo? If you think you get get all 15 questions right, take the quiz below and post your results in the comment section.

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