Looking to make the holidays unforgettable? Here are some great ideas for any family.

Christmas is a time that memories are made. For myself, I remember finding a gift from Santa hidden under my pillow on Christmas morning. The food, the laughter, the time spent with friends is forever bedded in my mind and heart.

  1. Make hot chocolate and cookies and drive around Christmas Card Lane looking at the Cards and homes.
  2. Give matching Christmas pajamas for the whole family on Christmas Eve.
  3. Make reindeer food out of dried oats and glitter and have the kids sprinkle it in the backyard on Christmas Eve. That is one that my family does every year!
  4. Watch a movie classic and drink hot chocolate every Christmas Eve.
  5. Have a camp out one night under the Christmas tree that came from Wahmhoff Farms and Nursery in Golbes .
  6. Booby trap the children’s bedroom doors by creating a web of green and red streamers the kids have to break through on Christmas morning.
  7. Take a picture each year in front of the Santa in Downtown Kalamazoo. Keep an ongoing collection for a photo series that shows them growing up.
  8. Read 'The Polar Express' to your kids before you tuck them in. This beautiful story was written by a Michigander.
  9. Leave stockings at the foot of your children’s bed for Santa to fill to keep them entertain as you catch a few more winks Christmas morning (one can dream)!
  10. Gather the family around the Christmas tree before bed and enjoy a sweet piece of Stollen from Berts Bakery.

Whatever your family traditions are, enjoy them! Merry Holidays to one and all!

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