If you've ever gone to the Portage Farmers Market you've most likely seen the Youz Guys Dogz stand, as they've been regulars in the area since they opened up for business in 2019, and made a growing following with their unique and classic take on hot dogs. What started out as a little cart has finally expanded into Downtown Kalamazoo, as they've officially opened their store front at 312 S. Kalamazoo Mall.

Speaking to the owner, I found out that their history with Youz Guys goes all the way back to 2012 when they founded Youz Guys Sausage Company:

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I started Youz guys sausage company with Chris in 2012. Sold my half in 2014 to start Youz guys dogz. Originally was going to go into the space dogs were style is at but the deal fell through. It was a tough decision but at the time I had to say no. I've been a wedding DJ since 1997. And continue to do so today. I put Youz guys dogz on the back burner for a couple of years. And went back to pursuing it in 2017 with the idea of getting the window at 312 South Kalamazoo Mall.

At the time the shop was already being leased by Kalamazoo Crepe Company. So they would call every year to see if the lease was up, but it was renewed year in and year out.

The Start of Youz Guys Dogz

-In late 2018 I bought a hotdog cart and a 2019 I started selling the hotdogs and sausages from the cart at the Portage market. So I would DJ on Friday and Saturday (weddings) and work the Portage market on Sunday. And then it happened, early July I saw it's "For Lease" sign, I called immediately, determined to get that window and I was successful. I opened for business Friday August 6.-

Youz Guys Dogz Hours

Their current hours are Monday through Friday from 1130 am until 2 pm, however they will be open during Downtown Kalamazoo events, including State Theatre concerts. It's possible that next year they'll be open for lunch and dinner, as well as late night on the weekends.

What Do They Serve

They currently serve all beef hot dogs, chili dogs and Chicago dogs along with $1 drinks and chips, and looking to add Youz Guys sausage soon as well.

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