There's a huge increase in emergency calls related to pets and pot now that marijuana is in Michigan.

Recreational marijuana became legal on December 6th, 2018 in Michigan.  Where this was a good thing for many Michigan residents, it's not so much for our pets.  Dogs don't get high, they die according to WWMT,

Marijuana toxicity in pets seems to be increasing across the US. Vets say as the number of people using marijuana rises, so does the number of pets getting sick or dying from it.


The problem is that dogs love to put stuff in their mouths.  Whether your weed is in the form of edibles or dried out plants, it can get them very sick and even kill them.

So, is it safe to smoke around dogs as long as you're keeping you weed in a place they can't eat it?  Maybe or maybe not according to,

Dogs have exquisitely sensitive lungs, and smoke can damage them. If the dog is being “hot-boxed” in a thick cloud of smoke all day every day, his respiratory function can be compromised. On the other hand, if the person doing the smoking does not go overboard, doesn’t smoke every day, and keeps a window open while smoking, it is not likely that much harm will come to the dog — from the smoke at least.

We're not judging pot smokers.  If our weed makes you happy, it makes us happy.  But please don't hot-box your kids or pets and don't leave your green lying around.  High fives.



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