Paczki Day, or "Fat Tuesday" is one of the most anticipated "food" holidays in Michigan, especially in Detroit. We even have our own Paczki eating contests in our company from what I've been told. I can't blame people for going nuts over these things.  There are so many great places to buy Paczkis in Michigan, but one Detroit restaurant is putting an intense twist on this tradition.

On Fat Tuesday, Downtown Detroit's American Coney Island will be offering its unique coney dog paczki for the second year.

Courtesy American Coney Island
Courtesy American Coney Island

American Coney Island's Owner Grace Keros told Metro Times Detroit the meal was such a hit to their customers that they only felt it was right to bring it back again this year for Paczki Day. She described how the saltiness and sweetness of it may seem strange, but it works:

Imagine eating pancakes, bacon, and syrup. I was like 'Holy crap! This is good! I could eat the whole thing!

Anyone interested in braving this Pacszi coney challenge can purchase on Fat Tuesday for only $5. Bring me one...for reasons.




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