Michigan has a shocking law that only applies to police officers within the state.

According to Michiganradio.org,

"Michigan has a law on the books that grants the police immunity from prosecution if they’ve had sex with a prostitute during an investigation."

Currently, Michigan is the only state that allows police officers to have sex with prostitutes as long as it happens during an investigation.  As hard as this is to believe, it is true, and lawmakers are working to get rid of the exemption,

"Bridgette Carr, a professor and director of the Human Trafficking Clinic at the University of Michigan Law School, is working with Rep. Gary Glenn, R-Midland, to draft a bill that would get rid of that exemption."

Besides the obvious, one reason they want to get rid of the exemption is the risk of a police officer having sex with a human trafficking victim without punishment.  Carr says that most officers don't know about this law,

"Some police officers know about this exemption and some don’t, but none of the officers or prosecutors she talked to said they take advantage of the exemption."

Carr says that it has happened but it's not something that happens regularly and the officers who do know about it, do not abuse the law.

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