Over the weekend in Colon, The 31 Flavors of Magic event was taking place. All sorts of acts went up in front of an audience and performed some amazing tricks and talents. None were more impressive possibly than 8 year old Paw Paw 2nd Grader Brynn Cummings, or "Brynn Orion" as her stage name presumes. Brynn was invited by Rick Fisher to perform in front of the crowd and did not disappoint with her amazing ventriloquism and magic tricks. According to Brynn's mother, the performance was something that meant the world to her daughter:

"A big thank you to Rick Fisher for seeing something special in Brynn and inviting her to be a part of yesterday's 31 Flavors of Magic. It was a dream come true for her. Last night, I asked her if she was happy, and she got a huge proud smile on her face, and said yes." Watch Brynn's performance below. I was blown away at how someone so young can seemingly master something that I couldn't even do now in my 30's. Way to go kid!

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