Before you go all Paul Bunyan in the Hiawatha National Forest, there are a few caveats you should know about!

Once again the U.S. Forest Service is offering a unique experience for families across the state and is allowing them to venture into our national forests to select and cut their Christmas trees for the holiday season.

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It's a beloved holiday tradition that we look forward to each year! And at only $5 a tree? What a deal.

According to MLive, a statement by the Forest Service explains:

this tradition contributes to overall forest health by helping thin densely populated stands of small-diameter trees.

What's the Catch?

If you and your family would like to select this year's Christmas tree from any of Michigan's national forests like Hiawatha, Huron-Manistee, or Ottawa, permit applications are now open.

You'll need to apply for your tree permit either online at or, in select cases, permits will be available in person at each forest's district office.

According to MLive this year's Christmas tree permits includes access to over 3 million acres of Michigan's national forests. Each forest has their own application process and regulations, like tree and stump height, so make sure to brush up on those rules.

Adds USDA Forest Service Chief Randy Moore,

Venturing into a local national forest to find that special tree is an experience that creates treasured family memories and is through these experiences that people establish important connections to the forest that can lead to a lifetime of adventures and instill a commitment to stewardship.

Choose and Cut Christmas Trees in Southwest Michigan

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