Toledo, Ohio residents are getting lucky at this strip club...because of the free furniture.

Recently Scarlett's Cabaret put an ad up in the facebook marketplace giving away their furniture for free.  Once you get passed the fact that they misspelled their own name, there are some interesting facts in this ad.

***CURB ALERT*** Scarletts Cabraret- Telegraph & Alexis. Former couch dance furniture put out to pasture. ***WARNING*** May have stained unknown bodily fluids. Use at your own risk!

I know what you're thinking...why would anyone want used strip club furniture?  Hear me out on this.

#1.  It's free.

#2.  It comes with a warning " May have stained unknown bodily fluids. Use at your own risk!"  Hey, you have to appreciate their honesty.

#3.  According to the furniture more than likely has smoke damage due to a fire in June at this strip club.  That may have helped kill some of the cooties that live in this furniture.  That's a win, win.

#4. It's free.


Let's not forget this is the same Ohio town that brought us the viral video of the stripper twerking while being arrested in the middle of a busy intersection.  You can get that full story by clicking here.

Ohio...STOP IT!

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