If there's one thing we're all looking forward to this year it's the Halloween season. Once we get to September, I'm already busting out the spooky decorations. I'm starting to think it's the only thing people have left to be happy about this year. But Halloween doesn't have to be spoiled just because Covid-19 has ruined everything else for 2020. In fact, Amazon is selling a special nativity scene from Department 56 that can allow you to make your own little haunted Kalamazoo.

There are tons of options to decorate your little Halloween Kalamazoo town. They are a bit pricey, but you can just look at it as an investment. You'll have the coolest Halloween setup in the whole city. Now, obviously these aren't modeled after Kalamazoo, but you'll find there are tons of different listings that kind of resemble the city, you just have to pick out the right ones and then fill in the gaps.

Let's go through all the different listings to see which ones work best and then at the bottom there's links where you can purchase any that you like:

Create Your Own Kalamazoo Halloween Nativity

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