Times are changing, now pot arrives at your home like a flower delivery

With all the news laws about marijuana in the state of Michigan, the drug is easier to find them ever.

Mlive has reported the interesting news that...

State officials issued the first three home delivery licenses last week to provisioning centers in Detroit and Portage.

Lake Effect (located in Portage)  and two Detroit shops,  BotaniQ and Utopia Gardens are the first in the state to be licensed for home delivery by the Marijuana Regulatory Agency. Governor Gretchen Whitmer had the agency take control of licensing medical marijuana facilities from an appointed board.

Rules have been put into place for everyone's well being.

The agency has specific rules for home delivery of medical marijuana...

  • Each provisioning center must hire its own delivery drivers
  • All inventory is carefully documented
  • The delivery route is tracked with a GPS system.
  • Provisioning centers can only deliver to a patient’s home address
  • Provisioning centers  must obtain a copy of their driver’s license
  • Provisioning centers  must obtain a copy of their medical marijuana card before the delivery
  • The delivery address must match the patient’s addresses on their driver’s license and medical marijuana card.
  • Patients can only receive the daily maximum limit -- 2.5 ounces of marijuana flower -- during home deliveries.

On top of being cognizant of who the product is being delivered too, the agency is taking steps to protect employees who deliver the weed. Mlive found out that...

The provisioning center is taking security precautions, by adding a security camera to their delivery vehicle and equipping their delivery driver with a body camera.

You can find other companies who are willing to deliver MaryJane to your home. Websites like Weedmaps that feature home delivery options, most of those transactions are occurring outside of the state’s regulatory control. So it is safest to deal with a regulated company within our great state!

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