Here's where you can get recreational marijuana in Kalamazoo beginning Friday, March 13th.

KKind at 521 E. Mosel Ave in Kalamazoo Township will begin selling the goods at 10 a.m. this Friday morning.

After a vote on January 27th we should finally see more shops selling 'adult-use products' according to Mlive,

Kalamazoo Township became the first municipality in the county to opt-in to allow adult-use marijuana business. The Board of Trustees voted Monday, Jan. 27, to allow and regulate marijuana growers, processors, retailers, transporters, excess growers, event organizers and testing facilities in the township.  This put KKind, Cannamazoo and marijuana chain Herbology at the front of the line for pot shops hoping to open in the county.

You can read the full ordinance by clicking here.

The people of Michigan voted to make recreational weed legal in this state back in 2018.  State licensed sales of pot began in December of 2019.  However, it's been a waiting game as numerous local governments in Michigan scramble to create ordinances.  In fact, the city of Kalamazoo had a moving target as a deadline to put their ordinance together which lead to a lawsuit by Lume Canabis Co for violating state law according to Mlive.

The city of Portage is still considering their plan.

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