I don't think Kalamazoo will ever stop surprising me.

Today, on my quest to learn about everything I can regarding my new home town, I stumbled upon a very interesting fact. Kalamazoo is the birthplace of The Army of Mopeds. You read that right.

Now, before you grow concerned, the name is much more foreboding than what the group is actually about. It's simply a group of people who are very passionate about mopeds. Actually, they describe themselves as more than just a group of passionate people. The Moped Army says they are the "the central hub in the recent Moped movement in the US". I had absolutely no idea that was a thing.

It all started in Kalamazoo in the late 90's with the formation of the moped 'gang' the Decepticons, of course referencing the antagonist group in the very popular Transformers series. But, the vision was greater than just one 'gang', thus the Moped Army was born.

Currently, the Moped Army includes 27 branches across the country with 559 members and 2417 mopeds according to their official website. I'm no mathematician, but that adds up to about 4 mopeds per member. Talk about being passionate about something!

Much like motorcycle gangs, The Moped Army has rallies, weekly meetings and are always welcoming new members. In fact, they have an upcoming rally on December 11th right here in Kalamazoo. However, with the recent restrictions I would double check their schedule if you plan to attend.

If you're trying to find them on social media, good luck. My search yielded no results, but, again, you can find out everything about them on their website. And if you find yourself with a love or obsession with mopeds you can apply to join The Moped Army here.

Edit** Thank you to Chad who reached out to me on Instagram to let me know that The Moped Army rally being held in Kalamazoo will be virtual. Again, refer to their website for all other information.

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