How much do you know about woodchucks?

I'll be honest, I don't know much. I see them pop up in my backyard sometimes or in fields along the freeway but that's about it! I will hand it to them though, they're pretty cute.

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That's why when an adorable video of a group of woodchucks noshing on some veggies popped in my feed, I couldn't turn away! The video, posted by local non-profit animal rescue All Creatures Deserving, was in fact a call to action:

Hi, friends! We are looking for a couple of release sites for some adorable woodchucks! These guys can tunnel and eat lots of vegetation so we are looking for places with quite a bit of acreage, a distance from people and planted farmland, where they will have lots of vegetation to eat and space to spread out, and no hunting! If you think you may have a place available please let us know!


Got Land?

Considered "nuisance wildlife" by the Michigan DNR, woodchucks or groundhogs are strict herbivores that eat grass, plants, fruits, vegetables, and seeds. They can be found everywhere in Michigan including the Upper Peninsula.

Something to keep in mind: Woodchucks are creatures that like to bore holes and tunnels that, "can cause structural damage, crop/ garden damage, or damage to farm equipment or livestock" according to the Michigan DNR.

So, if you do have extra room for these woodchucks to roam make sure it's far far away from your home or any out-buildings on your property.

In Michigan removing woodchucks from the land they were trapped on is typically prohibited however this organization has, "State and federal licenses...working with small mammals, and songbirds."

LOOK! Aren't they so cute? If you can help contact All Creatures Deserving here.

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