Looking to get a new tattoo? There are plenty of shops out there that can make your vision come to life.

But, if you're specifically looking for tattoo shops that are either owned by women or by those that are non-binary, there are actually lots of options in the state of Michigan.

Now, before we get into the list, I want to explain why someone might be looking for specifically a woman-owned or non-binary-owned tattoo shop. Most of the time, it has to do with someone's personal comfort level.

Is this to say that tattoo shops owned by men can't provide a comfortable experience for people from all walks of life? Absolutely not. But, getting a tattoo has the potential to be a very intimate experience depending on where the placement of the tattoo is or what the tattoo might represent. You may have to remove clothing and the artist may have to be incredibly close to you. In those kinds of situations, just like with a doctor, feeling safe and comfortable with your artist is key.

With that in mind, here are at least 10 tattoo shops across Michigan that are owned by women or those that identify as non-binary.

1.  Heirloom Arts, LLC 

Located in Kalamazoo, Heirloom Arts LLC is non-binary owned and their entire staff is comprised of artists that are either women or non-binary. They were recently recognized for helping domestic violence victims turn their scars into works of art. I've personally visited this shop for a tattoo and can attest, every artist is welcoming, and kind and their space is gorgeous. They are currently working by appointment only. Find their contact information, meet the artists, and see examples of their work on their website.

2. Your Name in Gold 

According to their Instagram profile, Your Name in Gold is a transgender/non-binary-owned tattoo shop in the Detroit area. They're also mobile for accessibility and operate on a sliding scale. While they don't have a website listed, you can contact them through Instagram with any questions or to make an appointment.

3. Sei Bella Tattoo

Sei Bella Tattoo, in Muskegon, is woman-owned and all of the artists are also women. They're unique in the sense that some artists offer spirit-guided tattoo sessions which, to be honest, I'm not sure what that means (because I've never experienced it). I will say, it sounds peaceful. You can learn more about the shop and see more of their work on their Instagram page.

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4. Siren's Rose

Located in South Haven, Siren's Rose currently has two artists at their studio. Both identify as she/her or they/them. Whether you're looking for hyper-realism or illustrative styles, you'll find it with these artists. According to their website, they do book out pretty far in advance. Find more information on their Instagram page.

5. The Branded Barby

Located in Canton, The Branded Barby is owned by a woman named Dynamite whose work is featured in the above post. Along with the other artists, there's over 30 years of tattooing experience at The Branded Barby. Learn more about their styles, their booking policy, and more here.

6. The Gremlin House

The Gremlin House, in Jenison, is woman-owned but, a bit short-staffed at the moment. With that being said, emailing the studio will be the best way to book an appointment when their books open up. If you're looking to do a cover-up, the owner, Amy Lee, has over 20 years of experience and specializes in both cover-ups and realism. See more here.

7. Balm 

Like others on this list, Balm focuses on creating a welcoming and safe environment for all. Specifically, they focus on trauma survivors and those wanting to cover scars. From personal experience, getting an appointment here is tough. But, that's always a great sign. Located in Grand Rapids, read their reviews, see their portfolios, and learn how to make an appointment here.

8. 7 Chakras Piercing and Tattoo 

Back in Kalamazoo, 7 Chakras Piercing and Tattoo is a well-known shop in the area. Living in Kalamazoo, anytime I ask someone where they would recommend getting a new tattoo, 7 Chakras is always recommended. And, they work with kids, too. Not for tattoos, obviously. But, with piercings. Piercing guns, like the ones they use at mall kiosks, are quick, sure. However, they might end up damaging your ear. Or, in this case, your kid's ear. Learn more about 7 Chakras' work and how to book an appointment here.

9. Pinups and Needles

This sounds like a one-stop shop for anyone looking to change their appearance. Located in Traverse City, Pinups and Needles operates as a tattoo studio, piercing parlor, and beauty salon, and, they even have an apothecary selling things like face lotion and beyond. Beyond artistic tattoos, they also offer cosmetic tattooing like eyebrows, lip liner, freckles, and more. Find them on Facebook for more information.

10. Ace Tattoo 

Ace Tattoo, in Rockford, was the first to be state licensed in Kent, according to their Facebook page. They've been operating in the same location since 2004 and can create traditional-style tattoos, tattoo cover-ups, or whatever you want! Find them on Facebook for more pictures of the studio's work.

How did I find these shops? Google, baby! That being said, I'm sure there are more than 10 out there. Even if there isn't one located in your town, always do an extra search just to see if I missed some (which I'm sure I did).

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