Friday afternoon a 21 year-old pregnant woman's water broke at the Monroe, Michigan Walmart.  Clean up on aisle 3.  

According to,

Someone at the store called Central Dispatch, which dispatched firefighters from Station No. 1 on N. Monroe St. at the junction with N. Telegraph. Firefighters arrived in five minutes while the woman was in labor in the apparel department, Stevens said. Neil Hawley, a full-time firefighter, cut the umbilical cord.

“They were training at the station and got there just as the baby arrived,” Stevens said. “They put the baby on her mother’s chest. The Walmart staff brought her blankets to lie on and to give her some privacy... they did their best to wait on her.”

OK, this is the second time in a month I've made the "clean up on aisle 3" joke.  Last month a couple got married in an Ann Arbor, MI Walmart.  Click here for that story.


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