I need this person to break into my home once a week.  Ohio Stop It!!!

Having your home broken into can leave you feeling incredibly violated.  Even if nothing is stolen, having a creepy unwanted person in your person space is dreadful.  But, what if that person breaks into your home and takes care of a few chores?  That's what happened in Vinton Country, Ohio about an hour Southwest of Columbus according to WWMT,

Deputies said they received a call about a burglary about 9 a.m. Monday in Hamden. The victim said the suspect entered the home and sat on the couch to pet the family dog. The victim said the suspect then washed the dishes and left the home. The victim said they did not know the suspect and that she was acting very strange.


The suspect was arrested after she went house to house knocking on doors in the neighborhood.  Drugs were more than likely a factor.

Ohio...STOP IT!