This past Saturday was Kalamazoo's annual Do-Dah Parade and everyone was out to see what weird, crazy, and strange costumes its participants would be wearing. KFR has always pushed the envelope when it comes to their outfits since starting it all years ago. This year, Marshall & McGregor took their outfits to the max as they covered one of the most popular stories in pop culture today, the "Stormy Daniels/Trump Affair."

Fortunately, I had the pleasure of working with this dime-piece:

Dana Marshall TSM

As hot of a woman that Dana makes, the booty shorts were a bit more than I think anyone needed to see. And Heather's trump was on point:

Dana Marshall TSM

So sexy. Anyway, the parade was a giant success and I really wish I could tell you all the reactions on the faces of those who came out and saw this coming at them. It's always a great day when you can be around the people that give you a reason to wake up happy everyday. Thank you to everyone who came out, participated, watched, laughed, boo'd, feared for their innocence, and special thanks to MLive for the coverage in their YouTube: